Wear-resistant floor construction, wear plate consumption too fast how to do?

2023-09-20 11:22

When it comes to wear-resistant floors, we should be no stranger, but what we see is basically the wear-resistant floors that have been completed. For some things that happen during construction, presumably everyone should not understand very much, there will be some more interesting things, of course, there are often a variety of problems, such as why the wear plate consumption is fast during the construction of the wear-resistant floor? How can we save the grinding? These problems are very common, but also more confusing to everyone, today to share with you under the wear resistant floor grinding grinding plate selection tips.

The first simple to popularize the knowledge of the grinding plate, the grinding plate is divided into hard base, medium base and soft base, the ground with poor compactness is hard base grinding plate, the ground quality is good with soft base grinding plate, and the general ground is good with the base grinding plate.

In the early stage of wear-resistant floor construction, most of the concrete floor quality is not very good, especially for some old floor renovation, flatness is not good, the ground is loose, the hardness is very poor, and the water grinding treatment produces a lot of mud, resulting in the wear plate consumption is not fast.

For the poor quality of the ground, it is recommended to use medium and large floor grinding machine, dry dry after sprinkling water, first choose 30# hard base grinding to remove the loose surface layer leveling treatment, and then use medium hard base or soft base grinding treatment, the flatness and foundation hardness are treated well, and then it is much simpler.

If the ground base density is poor, the sand will wear each other with the grinding diamond, accelerating the consumption of the grinding disc, at this time we can first hardening treatment, improve the ground density and then grinding.


When the ground is levelled and rough grinding, it is recommended to use diamond grinding or concrete thick grinding, and it can be treated well with fine sand grinding without rough grinding. It is recommended to use sharp resin grinding pieces for hard concrete floors, increase machine counterweight, reduce mill speed, and reduce forward speed. Soft concrete ground is recommended to use durable resin grinding, increase the speed of the mill, speed up the forward speed.

Do not skip the sign when using the mill, or others will laugh at you. According to normal use, dry grinding saves more consumables than water grinding, but water grinding treatment will make the ground more uniform and delicate.

The correct construction method is an important guarantee of high quality floor, according to the actual situation of the ground to choose the right grinding disc, not only can reduce the consumption of grinding disc, but also reduce the construction cost.