Stone renovation is determined by the degree of damage

2023-09-21 11:22

In ordinary days, many decoration projects will present mixed work construction, a lot of construction personnel moving decoration materials will wear the stone surface, serious marble may appear large area of dirt, so as to damage the original luster of the stone. Some people may choose to re-pave the stone, so time-consuming and costly, and some use stone renovation, this way is good, but the form of stone renovation is divided into several, the use of suitable stone care renovation, in order to let us "material benefit double income".

First of all, we must first determine the degree of damage to the stone, according to the different degree of damage to choose the corresponding stone renovation process, according to the corresponding renovation process, marble renovation has light renovation, moderate renovation and deep renovation three kinds.


First, light stone renovation

When the stone surface is slightly scratched, we use diamond water grinding plate + water with stone refurbishing machine to grind for 10 minutes. Note: If there is old wax on the ground, the wax should be started first, and water should be added during the polishing process to keep the ground moist, and the sewage should be sucked away by the water suction machine to avoid sewage pollution of the stone. Then replace the polished sheet and the diamond grinding sheet, and polish one by one with the above method.

Second, moderate stone renovation

Stone surface tarnish, can be used to refurbish the medium stone refurbishment treatment, the use of polished sheet, diamond water grinding sheet for grinding, grinding method, attention to the same as the above.

Three, deep stone renovation

When the stone shows holes, weathering or severe corrosion, the process of deep stone renovation can be used. Before the renovation, the holes should be repaired first, the method is as follows: first clean the dirt in the holes and dry the stone, according to the original color and reflection of the stone, adjust the corresponding epoxy resin or unsaturated resin glue to repair, and then use the weight machine, with the stone renovation disk and polished diamond water grinding sheet for polishing and polishing.