Method of using marble water grinding plate

2023-09-19 16:43

Marble grinding pieces believe that everyone should be familiar, because the marble floor in the current public places, shopping malls, supermarkets and other places are very widely used, but because of the large number of people, over time, it is inevitable that the marble floor will be worn, at this time, marble grinding pieces will be used, the ground needs to be renovated, speaking of this, In fact, many people have a basic understanding of this product, but after all, there are still many people who are confused about the use of this product, and do not know how to use it in order to achieve the role of ground renovation.

This article will explain and describe in detail the use method and steps of the marble grinding piece from each step.

1. Clean the surface of the ground. Use a knife to remove the concrete slurry at the stone gaps. Then use a brush or vacuum cleaner to remove the dust thoroughly. Clean the floor with a dry and clean mop. The floor is free of sand and impurities.

2, after the overall cleaning of the stone surface, use marble glue to repair the small damage points and stone cracks above each stone, and first repair the original damaged surface with marble glue close to the stone color. Then use the stone sprocket machine to neatly cut the slit of the original stone installation, make the width of the gap, and then fill it with marble glue close to the color of the stone. After repairing the marble glue, the glue must be dry before the next process can be done.

3. After the marble glue is dried, use a grinder to polish the overall ground, overall transverse grinding, focusing on polishing the joint glue between the stone and the edge near the wall, decorative modeling and shaped modeling, to keep the overall stone floor flat. After finishing polishing, re-caulking with marble glue, re-polishing after caulking, re-polishing for a second time, and then using a stone refurbishing machine with a steel stone water grinding piece from coarse to fine, the ground should be polished for a total of seven times until the whole ground is smooth and smooth, and then polishing with steel wool, so that the polishing degree reaches the brightness required by the design and there is no obvious gap between the stones.

4. After grinding, use a water absorption machine to treat the water on the ground. At the same time, use a blow dryer to dry the whole stone floor. If time permits, you can also use natural air drying to keep the stone surface dry.

5. Spray the liquid evenly on the ground, grind with a marble polishing machine, use a cleaning machine with a red cleaning pad, sprinkle the liquid with an equal amount of water on the ground, start grinding, and the effect of thermal energy makes the crystal surface material crystallized on the stone surface.

6, the overall ground maintenance treatment: if it is a large void stone to marble protective agent brushing, re-polishing, in order to increase the hardness of the entire ground crystal surface.

7. Ground cleaning and maintenance: When the stone surface is formed into a crystal mirror, use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the residue and water on the ground, and then use a polishing pad to polish the whole ground, so that the whole ground is dry and bright like a mirror, if local damage can be partially maintained, and you can go up at any time after the construction is completed.

The above part is about the use of marble grinding parts, if you want to know more, you can always call Qingdao Kaier Xiang Abrasive Co.,Ltd.